"Teena's Trunk" is a personal journey of Teena Fitzroy's life. The audience will experience the struggles she had to overcome in order to grow up and learn to live successfully with a disability. They will also hear about the many successes that she has been able to accomplish throughout her life. Travel with the presenter through her life as she explores the junk in her trunk as well as the treasures. She comes to this interactive presentation with her Trunk that is filled with all different kinds of Junk "props" that represent her life's journey. The audience is asked to look at their treasures and celebrate them and then to look at their junk and examine that. The junk is what we need to change in order to deal with the misconceptions towards individuals with disabilities. One learns not to judge a book by its cover and to look beyond disabilities. We learn that all people have a right to pursue their dreams. This journey is presented with humor and a positive attitude. Teena also allows time for audience questions and in-depth conversation.

"I have met some very special people in my career as a human service professional and professor at our local community college. However, no one seems to match the qualities of Teena Fitzroy. After I learned that she had developed a presentation that she would give to organizations who called on her, I invited her to give this presentation to my undergraduate students. I have had her come in every year since - for over 20 years now. Teena tells the poignant story of her life, using effective props from her "trunk" to explain and emphasize her journey. You can hear a pin drop in the room as she tells her story, but she also fills the room with laughter as she explains the many obstacles she faced. She explains the many stereotypes and prejudices she faced growing up as a person with a disability. Her message is a powerful one, a journey for independence and the quest to be "normal" in a world that would not accept her. My students have consistently stated that her presentation is one of the most meaningful teaching tools they have ever experienced. Teena is an independent, strong and inspirational woman who has touched the lives of thousands of people with her message about people with disabilities. Her story and presentation is second to none - I would strongly encourage everyone to hear this powerful presentation!"

Jeannine Thomas, Social worker.
Professor, Monroe Community College

In Teena's trunk there are many different items. Each item holds a special meaning for her.

The bicycle is one of many props I utilize to tell my story. For me, the bike specifically represents the struggle to be normal. I believed, if I could learn to ride a bike then I could be normal.

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